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The Musician


Dominic’s songs have been described as passionate and poetic, often bringing in the natural imagery of his home on the northern coastline of California.


“We’ll go on in pale moonlight leaving complexity behind

And oceans rise; tidal disguise for the restless soul” - lyrics from Tidal Disguise


Dominic grew up in a musical household, picking his own first instrument of the violin when he was just a wee lad. After switching to acoustic guitar in high school, he began to write original songs as a way of processing the world around him. In college Dominic studied music and recording arts and began to find his voice as an artist, experimenting with styles and the magic of the recording studio as well as what it means to be a producer for a song. 


After college and the release of his first album (At Least I Said It), Dominic became more heavily involved in the music production -- beginning to work with other artists to find their voices as he had found his. He has continued to release music regularly and continues to develop and refine his sound as a songwriter.


In addition to his work as a solo artist, Dominic also is a songwriter and co-frontman for progressive folk quartet The Gatehouse Well ( and works as an artist and producer out of his home project studio as well as Bongo Boy Studio (

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