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Book a free consultation or a mixing, mastering or production session with Dominic


I wear a lot of hats. Not just literally with this sweet newsie cap but there are a lot of roles I have played in the process of helping artists get from an idea to a musical reality. Here is a breakdown of some of the major parts I can take on in the process and services I offer.

Free Consulation

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A mandatory part of every project I take on as a producer - we set up a video chat to talk about the scope of your project and if I’m the right person to take your music from where it is to where you want it to be.

Full Song Production

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This is  where I take you from start to finish! You know that voice memo on your phone where you are strumming guitar and humming the melody that just came to you at midnight? We talk about it and everything else in pre-production discussions. We make a plan together to go all the way through the arranging and adding of instruments, up through mixing and mastering to make sure it’s ready for radio/streaming/video use! All of my organization, skills, knowledge, and resources go into making your song have the greatest creative impact that it can. I am an artist and a songwriter -- I know what it’s like to take a song from an idea all the way to a hit song and I can provide the guidance for you to do that as well.


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What is a producer? The answer for that has changed drastically over time so it can be a little confusing. But in my case a producer means someone who listens to your song and takes a creative role in arranging/recording all of the additional elements (other than your own parts) necessary to have a complete song.  I work to prepare all of these files with you for mixing.


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I use only your existing tracks to create a finished piece of music! From balancing levels to creating space, EQ, Compression, stereo widening, and so many more tools that can enhance your song from great to fantastic. I have 10+ years of experience communicating with artists and figuring out what they and their songs need and I can’t wait to work with you on yours!


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Mastering is the final step in finishing your song. After everything sounds amazing with a mix, Mastering takes a broader look at how your song will appear across different platforms and systems. Good mastering helps make sure your mix holds up on both your phone AND your car system.


But mastering is changing. It’s no longer a game of how “loud” you can make the song sound on a CD. You can’t just smash it with a limiter and call it good. Today’s mastering is subtle and you need to know the ideal specs for all the major streaming services and get your music to sound great AND fit those required specs. That’s where I come in.

Songwriting Session

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I have been hired by labels and independent artists alike to help co-write or even just edit and rewrite a brilliant idea that needs some refinement.

If you feel like I am someone you can trust with a part of your creative vision send me a message and let’s see if we’re a good match!

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